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My dad needs a B-Kidney

My dad's kidney failure invited a lot of stress in my life to the point where I wasn't living I was just existing. Nothing I did was for myself. I didn't have time to think of myself. I never got enough sleep, I hated my job, my love life became non-existent, and I just felt extremely invisible. I started creating transparent content on my social media platforms about what I was experiencing and week by week I started to heal. Let's not forget the real MVP during my healing process, Jesus. I managed to fake happiness from October 2011-October 2020. Almost a decade of misery. Can you imagine? In this new space I'm in my motto is to choose happiness over everything. If something doesn't make me happy I drop it quick. In October 2020 I dropped my luggage in God's hands. I quit my job (yes during the pandemic), I devote my weekdays to serving homeless youth at a shelter (I love it) and I'm investing in my creativity.

Every scent takes me back to a time of joy. These scents remind me that I have complete access to happiness as long as I fight for it and choose it. I believe the same goes for you.

The bonus is that all of the scents are fantastic!

Don't believe me? Smell for yourself.